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The St. Louis Board of Education is comprised of seven members elected in city-wide elections.  As of June 15, 2007, the State Board of Education has disenfranchised the Elected Board and the St.Louis School district is currently governed by three political appointees, collectively known as the Special Administrative Board (SAB).  The St.  Louis Board of Education continues to listen to our constituents and advocate for the children of the St. Louis Public Schools to the best of our ability.

Board meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m

The current members of the Elected Board of Education are:


President David L. Jackson

  Mr. Jackson has been a resident of the City of St. Louis for over thirty (45) years.  He was educated in the St. Louis Public School system and graduated from Central High School in 1976.  Four of his five children have graduated from the St. Louis Public Schools.  Currently he has a son who is a senior at Beaumont High School.  Mr. Jackson is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1983.  He holds Bachelors of Science Degrees in Business Administration and Criminology from St. Louis University.  Mr. Jackson also received an Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting from Sanford Brown Business College.  Mr. Jackson is a certified Property Manager and Housing Occupancy Specialist by the National Center for Housing Management.  He is certified as a First Responder by the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

 Mr. Jackson is President of D.L.J. Construction Services, LLC, a firm which specializes in general construction, subcontracting, construction management and administration, minority and women owned businesses utilization and HUD Section 3 development and implementation, as well as, workforce diversity.  Mr. Jackson has successfully completed and has been involved in over $350 million dollars in construction projects, both commercial and residential.  Some of his major projects include; the Residences at Murphy Park located at 20th and Cass Avenue and the King Louis Square Apartments at the old Darst-Webbe Housing Complex.  He has been involved with over twenty high rise rehabilitated converted office buildings to loft and apartment facilities in downtown St. Louis on Washington Avenue.


                 Vice-President Katherine Wessling, Esq.

Katherine Wessling was elected to the St. Louis Board of Education in 2007.  She is the Managing Attorney for the Crime Victims Advocacy Center–Legal Advocates for Abused Women project.  She is a graduate of Washington University School of Law and Truman State University.  She lives in the the 12th ward with her husband and two daughters; one attends Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning; and now has one in the district who attends Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience. She is a Girl Scout leader, FIRST FLL robotics coach, has served as a PTO officer for numerous years, and has been active in district affairs and parent initiatives within the district since 2005.


Secretary Susan R.Jones

Susan draws upon experience as an concerned citizen, community activist, student, and product of St. Louis Public Schools.She is currently working as an Interventionist Assistant for the Ritenour School District, and pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Leadership at Webster University.

Ms. Jones is a graduate of Gateway Institute of Technology High School where she excelled in soccer, softball, The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), the debate team, and the St. Louis Public Schools Advisory Council. Susan takes every experience in life as a lesson.  Coming from a large family, with the aid of her mother, Susan learned valuable lessons and morals that taught her a true sense of understanding teamwork, faith, leadership, and devotion. As a young girl participating in girl scouts she learned honor, camaraderie, and educational influences she learned the values of working hard, confidence, discipline, and perseverance.

 Growing up in North St. Louis City, Susan was determined to beat the odds.  Furthering her education and giving back to her community quickly became a top priority.  Determined to uplift the community around her, Susan took the initiative to service her community heavily in the 27th ward. Ms. Jones has done it all from offering her leadership with community meetings and mentoring, to helping with clean up days, and getting residents registered to vote.  While serving her community through various acts of service she received her undergraduate education from the University Missouri- St. Louis (UMSL) in Political Science. During her years of studies at UMSL, Susan served as a lobbyist for the UM-System as an intern in Jefferson City, Legislative Intern for the Board of Alderman, a member of Helping Hands, Student Government Association, Political Science Academy, Intern for the Sue Shear Leadership Academy and President of the Associated Students of the University Missouri. Susan then went on to complete a Master’s Degree from Webster University in Leadership.



Donna Jones 

Elected to the SLPS School Board in 2006. She is the parent of seven children, all of whom attended St. Louis Public Schools.She has been ,active in the St.Louis Public School since the 1980′s.Donna is a community activist in many capacities and is someone who trulycares about the students of the St.Louis Public Schools.Some of the issues that Donna has worked on as a Board member include: lead removal, transportation, classroom size,and school violence. Donna is a lifelong resident of the 27th Ward, and also attended SLPS as as student.


Bill Haas   

  Bill is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, with 20 years of corporate law practice and 15 years as an adjunct Professor of Law, Ethics and Business at several colleges and universities in the St. Louis area.  He is also a full-time certified secondary math instructor, teaching middle-school math.  He has served on the Board since 1997-2005, 2010 – present.  He was the democratic nominee for Congress from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District in 2008.  He has performed public service for over 40 years.


     Bill Monroe  

St.Louis Public Schools Board Member.


   Kathleen Styer

       Kathy Styer moved to St. Louis in 1989 and raised her two daughters here.  They attended SLPS from kindergarten through high school at Waring, Madison, McKinley, and Metro.  The younger one graduated in 2011.  Both received an excellent education from SLPS and both continued to college.  At all schools they attended, Ms. Styer was active in the PTO.  She ran fundraisers, went on field trips, chaired committees, and worked as a volunteer in the library at Waring and McKinley.  She has attended Board meetings and forums regularly since 1995.  Ms. Styer served on several SLPS District committees (transportation, curriculum development, discipline) over the years.  She was an officer on The Parent Assembly (TPA) from 1997 until the school year 2011/12 ended.  When the City Mental Health Board requested SLPS send parents to sit on a committee to review joint Requests For Proposals, she was asked and served on this committee.  Her personal education includes a BSBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Tulsa and an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago.  In her early work career, she worked in Chicago and Los Angeles in the areas of computer systems analysis, corporate finance and accounting.  Since the early 1980′s she has worked as a consultant and had her own small tax practice.  She holds certification as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and is a Notary Public in the state of Missouri.  In other leadership roles she is treasurer for South City Deanery Parish School of Religion after serving on its Board for more than 10 years in different capacities.  She was a Girl Scout Leader through St. Frances Cabrini Academy and St. Pius Parish and currently chairs some Neighborhood level positions to assist troop leaders.  She served on the Parish Pastoral Council at St. Wenceslaus and is still the Chair for the Parish annual trivia night and for a booth at its Fall Festival.

7 Responses to “About the St. Louis Board of Education”

  1. I am a parent of 2children in the public school district I am really not pleased with how my children are learning I knw that map testing is coming up my babies are not ready. Sometimes I feel like no body cares about their education but me what are they learning what are the teachers doing are their too many kids in the class I had to do some research and find out what is going on I didn’t know that a meeting was held every second Tuesday of each month these things are not in the news letters. I feel like because we live in low income areas we get treated that way and for me as a parent that is very disturbing. I have a 11 year old son that I refused to let be educated in the slps now that I switched him he is learning more reading more and he is really focused on his future what is going on do guys care about the children are your pay checks.

  2. Thank you Ms. Edwards. Please know that right now, the elected Board is not in charge of the district. The Special Administrative Board, which is appointed and not accountable to the voters, is currently in charge. The Elected Board works hard to advocate for the children and we agree that your children deserve a better education. Our Board meetings are not well publicized by the district at this point. The SAB meetings are held twice a month and you can find the dates for their meetings at http://www.slps.org. Board members are not paid, so it is certainly not a paycheck that we care about. We encourage you to let your elected officials know that you want an elected Board of Education returned to its place running the district so that we can respond to the concerns that you and we have about education. Until then, we hope you go to SAB meetings and let them know your feelings on the matter.

  3. Why does it take so long to get issues regarding pay, leave, or direct deposit sorted out? My husband has been trying to get his direct deposit changed for weeks now, and I did mine in under 10 seconds on my company’s website. When he calls downtown he gets passed around from person to person on the phone. When he asks for the manager he gets passed off to another person who is not the manager and the whole process starts till he gives up and hangs the phone up. If this happened in my company people would be losing their jobs. He finally got the form he needed faxed off and no one could confirm they got the fax. I cannot believe how much tax payers money is being lost on such a poor HR department. Especially when a lot of this issues could be addressed by using an online solution. Saving the faculty a lot of headaches and the taxpayers a lot of money.

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